Our support offers its customers many different possibilities to get in touch with support and get problems solved. The by far best and most efficient system for the customers is to always use. the support-ticket system sein.

Customers can easily open a new support-ticket ticket to ask questions, which is then easily viewed with the access-data that is sent to the customer to ensure privacy and individual support provided by the highly qualified support team. Customers are asked to continuously use the initial ticket with all possible responses until the problem is resolved, instead of opening a new ticket for every single response. This greatly benefits the usability for the customer and equally the understandability of the problem for the Linemax-Team.
Tickets are usually addressed within 24 hours, often even much earlier, depending on the amount of tickets. Support-Tickts can also be viewed in the customer login area.



Next to the fast and innovative support-ticket system, offers a telephone hotline for emergency situations only. The hotline is reachable Mondays to Fridays from 10 am to 9pm Central European Time (CET). requests its customers to please call within office hours and in emergencies only. The hotline number is: +49 211 5287230
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